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Immersive virtual reality embodiment for medical, social and psychological rehabilitation
Virtual Bodyworks specialises in immersive virtual reality with applications in medical and social rehabilitation. We are a spin-off from the EVENT Lab, University of Barcelona, ICREA and IDIBAPS offering a unique combination of computer science engineering, neuroscience and psychology.

Our technology covers 3D scanning, tracking, and rendering with a variety of different systems and head-mounted displays. We offer our own applications for professionals in the realms of medical and psychological rehabilitation and we develop custom applications for clients.
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Most of our potential customers (hospitals, insurance companies, physiotherapists and psychologists) are looking for tools to improve the results, shorten times and reduce the cost of treatments. Neurological diseases (e.g. stroke) and traumatological injuries are currently treated with classical rehabilitation tools. Also psychological problems such as violence, phobias, or body dysmorphic disorders are still mainly treated by using classic psychotherapy. These traditional tools have limited capacity, they take a long time and they are expensive to fully resolve a problem if that is possible at all. We provide immersive virtual reality systems and experiences to complement traditional therapies in order to speed up and increase the scalability, and therefore reduce the cost of medical, social and psychological rehabilitation processes.
Whole Body Tracking
We have years of expertise in high quality motion capture systems and consumer oriented home tracking systems.
Whole Body Scanning
We create personalised avatars from whole-body scans for first and third person perspective immersive virtual reality embodiment.
Immersive Experiences For Rehabilitation
We have years of technical and scientific know how in creating immersive virtual reality experiences for medical, psychological and social rehabilitation.
Virtual Reality Middleware
We have developed a middleware software that enables us to combine and switch easily between virtual reality display and whole body tracking devices for single and multi user virtual reality experiences. Our systems support both wireless and wired whole body tracking and display systems.
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